The Ranger 4 - The Hydration Pack For Hard Enduro

The Ranger 4L is the favorite hydration pack among our pro Hard Enduro riders. It’s super slim on your back and carries 2.5L/85oz of hydration without cramping your style. Designed with our award winning No Dancing Monkey harness technology that’s known as the game changer for Moto packs. 100% bounce free guarantee. 


We grew up riding dirt bikes in the Swedish countryside back in 2007, constantly searching for the toughest terrain and going as fas as our bikes would take us. They called us "dirt-diggers" because of our passion for riding in the dirt. Early on, we discovered that our backpacks couldn't keep up with us. They bounced around on our sore backs like dancing monkeys or god knows what. One day we've had enough. So we bought an old sweing machine and made our first backpack prototypes.

Did we know how to sew? Hell no. Did we enjoy it? Hell yes.

After several years of testing and developing of our Moto packs together with factory riders and teams, we have today a pretty good picture of what a good hydration pack should be like. And especially, how to make it stick to your back like an octopus with glue on its arms, without cramping your style. The result is called The Ranger 4.


We have included pro riders and enthusiastic amateurs in the  process, in order to find the requirements. But we took the development one step further. We tested every bit of functionality, piece by piece, in real racing situations, in the same iteration as developing it. When we finally put the first prototype together we were confident that it would meet our standards. And it did. That’s how we develop things at USWE. And that’s how we will continue to bring innovation, that works, in the future.


Most of us don’t race the Erzberg or Romaniacs. We are doing our regular riding on the weekends together with our local buddies. When we designed the Ranger 4 we included the requirements for your dream race, but with the functions that you need in your everyday training. Use it in your backyard. Use it on a local race. Use it at your dream race. It’s only you that set the limits.


  • Bounce free in action
  • Patented NDM 1.0 Technology
  • 4-point stretch harness that supports max breathing capacity and freedom to move
  • Solo-buckle secure system makes it easy to take on/off the pack even while wearing gloves
  • Ergonomic shoulder and chest straps with dual-loop Velcro multi size function